Striders Streak- 2022

Every year, a number of our enthusiastic (crazy 🙂 ) members set themselves the challenge of completing the Striders Streak- 365 days of running. 

The rules are simple:

  1. Run a minimum of 1 mile every day from 1st January to 31st December
  2. This must be done outside- rain, hail, sleet or shine
  3. You must be wearing running attire (stoating home after the pub does not count 😉 )

We currently have 5 Striders still going strong- please check back as we’ll be documenting progress throughout the year! 

  • Kristy Ashe 
  • Donald MacLean 
  • Lindsey Dodds
  • Lindsey McMurtie
  • Calum Hendry

Unfortunately so far we have lost 3 Streakers due to injury- the worst luck but their efforts of getting this far are absolutely commendable and we have everything crossed for 2023! 😀 

  • Rachel Kelly
  • Craig Kelly
  • Karen Kerr 

You are all doing amazing guys, keep going! 🙂