Summer Time Trial 2022

The summer time trial will start on Thursday 30th June, 7pm on the start time. 

It will be the same route as last year, for both the 5km and the 10km but, for the most part, in reverse. 

The 5km is open to adult and intermediate Striders (14+) with the same rules applying to all.  Additional marshals will be needed on the 5km route to make sure we are looking out for our younger member.  They are all pocket rockets so if you are good enough to help at these runs you won’t be there long!  Please let me or Ian know if you can help 🙂

  • The runs will be on the App and I would ask you to please book, purely so we can set up the timing prior to the start to save time.  If you book and don’t run it’s not a problem, I’d rather be over prepared than flapping on the night.
  • The TT will run every second Thursday at 7pm for 5 runs.
  • Both routes will start at the top of Lethame Road just before the turn onto duck pond road.  The 5km will start a couple of minutes before the 10km.  There are no real parking places so if you could walk up that will be appreciated.
  • You are challenging yourself, so do no concern yourself with not being fast enough or good enough.  You can’t be last when you are competing against yourself 😀

The runs will be fortnightly, starting Thursday 30th June at 7pm:

  • Thursday 30th June
  • Thursday 14th July
  • Thursday 28th July
  • Thursday 11th August
  • Thursday 25th August

The Rules:

  • You can only enter one race so if you are not sure do both before committing.
  • To be in the competition you need to complete minimum of 3 runs.  You can of course do all five.
  • There are no age splits.

If you need any more information please get in touch with myself or Kirsty (

The Routes:

Links to both routes can be found below 🙂