Various Striders 2019

Zoe Waugh and Ruth Ward-Cox Coaching Assistants
Julie McCulloch’s 1st Pilates Session with Striders in Sandford Village Hall 2 May
Ishbel Muir competing at Glenlivit 10K


Ruth Ward-Cox, Gillian Wood and Pamela Thomson Core Training
Ruth Ward-Cox leading her 1st Core Training Session
Core Training Thursday 11 April
Paul McMillan, Alyson Hope and Graeme Carenduff at Alloa Half Marathon 31 March 2019
Strider Ken Jackson being presented with a personalised bottle of Glenfiddich for his work on the new website
Coaching Assistant Zoe Waugh presenting a £100 chq to Councillor Cooper for Khan the Dog
Zoe Waugh and Ruth Ward-Cox – warm up for Khan the Dog Project