The Volcano 5K

Volcano 5k 
Date: 28th July 2019
Time: 11:00am
Cost: £10 inc T Shirt
Distance: 5k exactly
Ascent: 160m
Club Champs: Yes
Founded: 2017
Sponsor: Adventure Buddy
Organiser: Gary Tompsett
Female Record: Gavin Dunbar, 28:02 (2018)
Male Record: Tanya Mathie, 32:20 (2018)
Notoriety and Description: Some would call it scrambling. Some would admit vertigo. Some have then suggested controlled falling – on the steep grass descents
Most would just describe a terrific vertiginous little adventure on this mini-mountain just over the border into Rabbie Burnsshire!
Face your topographic demons and mark the date for this true test of your hill legs!
Thanks, Gary
If you want to enter email Ian Pitt or by phone 07516 777586 – please note that this is the only way to enter – Volcano 5K is a club only event and is not available on Entry Central