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We are now launching entries for the 3rd Edition of the Volcano 5k. In 2018, the event was memorable for stunning weather and the smouldering soil from the hill fire.

If you would like to ‘spice up your running’ then join us for 11am on 28th July. It is part of the Club Championship and it will challenge your topographic senses!

For just £10 entry fee you will receive a fanastic and shocking lava-orange tech T-shirt, and experience a thrilling running race; around, up and over Loudoun Hill.

If you want to enter email Ian Pitt or by phone 07516 777586 – please note that this is the only way to enter – Volcano 5K is a club only event and is not available on Entry Central

A fast time is 28 minutes. A slower time, if you walk much of the course, will be 50 minutes.

The run will be timed and there will be immediate results. There will be squash/water at the finish.

Take a look at last years results:

The course is a fully waymarked exact 5k, and marshalled at the key turns and crossings.

Car parking and start location is at the Loudoun Hill car park, signed and accessed 1km from the A71, 20 minutes west of Strathaven. Car sharing really helps as there are only about 20 car spaces. There are no toilets at the car park / event. (Plenty of bushes though).

Ian Pitt will kindly operate the Community Bus, and the seats can be booked from now. (For the bus, please meet at the Leisure Centre for 945am).

There will be a brief Registration process for you to collect T-shirts, bib numbers and pins. If you wear the T-shirts for the run, then we can create a steady stream of lava, as you run around the first paths below the hill.

The run itself has some moments of micro-adventure, all now very well proven, and this does involve your hands at one section!

The chief hazard in the event is wet slippery grass on a traversing descent. Slow down and choose grass vegetation that is thicker and therefore grippier. There are numerous roots, slopes, rocks, boulders, mud-that-will-cause-you-to-wonder. Slow down and study the ground before launching yourself down any slopes. The run will work in bad weather – you will just be slower and more careful. You might have elected to wear more weatherproof clothing.


Look-out on social media for the occasional Volcano orientation runs lead by GaryT.

Please book your place by replying to ( making a payment of £10 to Ian Pitt. Thank you! Gary